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  • The Orleans Wellness Clinic is a naturopathic medical practice focusing on women's health, pediatrics and autism conditions.
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  • Natural treatment for autism is a biomedical, science based approach that identifies the underlying issues causing autism spectrum disorder. Unlike the psychotropic drug therapies used by traditional medical doctors, the biomedical treatment of autism doesn't just reduce symptoms - it focuses on curing it.
  • Omega fatty acids are essential for our health but they are not abundant in an average diet. Here are some easy ways to get some of these essential fatty acids
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  • Here you can download the patient intake and child intake forms you will need to fill out for a consultation at Orleans Wellness Clinic
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  • Here are lots of non-diary sources of calcium for your balanced diet
  • Osteoporosis is prevelant in people with certain high risk factors. This self-survey will show you if you are in a high risk category
  • Breast Cancer is higher risk in some people. This survey will indicate whether you are in a high risk category or not.
  • Here is a self-survey to determine if any of the higher risk factors for cardiovascular disease apply to you
  • Toxicity can be a real factor in pursuing wellness. Take this survey to see if you could benefit from a detoxification protocol!