Dr. Sharon Behrendt - Ottawa Naturopathy

What is Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer?

 This questionanaire summarizes the risk factors for breast cancer. The bracketed numbers to the right of some risk factors refer to how much it increases your likelihood of having breast cancer; that is (+2) means your risk doubles.

Mother or sister with breast cancer (+2)
Relative with ovarian or endometrial cancer
Brother or father with prostate cancer (+4)
No children or children after 30
No breast-feeding
Lack of exercise
Less than 2 bowel movements per week (+4.5)
Cigarette smoking
Late menopause (after age 52) (+2)
Early menstruation (before age 11) (+2)
Fibrocystic breasts (+1.8)
Sleeping with light on at night
Birth control use before age 20 or for more than 5 years before age 35 (+3)
Have worked on a farm (+9)
Low fibre consumption (less than 10 grams daily)
Use dairy and animal products
Waist to hip ratio of greater than >.81 (+7)
Chronic inflammation
Annual mammograms (+.5)
Frequent antibiotic use
Estrogen replacement therapy, especially when used for more than 5 years
Live within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor
Work in the electrical trade (+.7)
High fat consumption (greater than 30% of total calories)